React Native is the most popular JavaScript-based frontend framework to this day. Nearly 15% of the top 500 apps downloaded by US citizens are built with this framework. It is used for cross-platform app projects worldwide and is the ideal choice for developing flexible, modular, high-performance, and feature-rich apps. Do you want to hire dedicated react native developers with the highest excellence and experience for your app project? With such an overwhelming number of choices, getting on board the best React Native developer experts are not easy. For native-like app experiences, startups hire React native developers India to improve mobile and web application engagement for all business environments.


This blog post will provide a brief but comprehensive guide to hiring dedicated react native developers for an app project.

To Hire Dedicated React Native Developers Look for These Skills

To hire remote react native developers with the highest quality, one must focus primarily on basic technical development skills. Let’s briefly describe these key technical skills.

Command on Javascript

To hire React Native developers you need to focus first on the JavaScript coding skills as React Native is only a JavaScript library. Since JavaScript is a popular and common coding language besides HTML and CSS used for web development, any developer with good exposure to web development skills and practices for years is likely to pass this criterion. 

Both Cross-Platform & Native Experience

We all know that React Native is a cross-platform library for UI development. It can deliver native-looking and native-feeling apps while reusing maximum code across platforms. So, having a good understanding of cross-platform development is a must. If the developer has native development experience, this will further empower his skills.

Good Knowledge of Elementary ReactJS Attributes

It would be great if the React Native app developers had a working knowledge of the languages for full-stack developers. But at least the React Native developers should have a good command over all the elementary features and capabilities React Native is known for. The developers should be well versed with crucial React Native features such as JSX syntax, virtual DOM, hot reloading, one-way data binding, etc.

To Hire Dedicated React Native Developers Document the Project Requirements

The most popular cross-platform mobile development framework, react native, can be very effective if you have a clear idea about the app project and a proper execution plan. So, the first thing is to document the project meticulously.


The project requirement document should be complete with a description of the app idea, key app features, technology stack, and everything in between. Even to hire dedicated React Native app developers, you need to prepare this document. The project requirement document throughout the development phase will guide the app developers.

Decide Between Freelancers vs. Development Companies

To hire dedicated React Native developers with the highest experience, expertise, and portfolio, it is always better to look for development companies instead of individual freelance developers. But freelancers offer the best choice when it comes to reducing development costs. Let’s explain some decisive areas.

  • Hiring a skilled freelancer developer can be a good decision for simple app development projects with few features.
  • On the other hand, large and ambitious app projects cannot rely on freelance developers, and they need to hire expert development companies.
  • It is well known that leading development companies in their respective categories are. Capable of delivering market-winning app products, and their rate is worth the quality if you can afford it.

So, last but not least deciding factor in this respect will be the project budget.

Flexible Engagement 

When you hire dedicated React Native developers for your next app project, the flexibility of engagement should remain one of the key concerns. The flexibility here means the scope of iterations and how well they can accommodate the inputs and feedback. 


There is also important to evaluate whether the development company offers flexible support across the time-zones. You should also check whether the development company offers the support of a dedicated project manager and provides all reliable communication channels.

Consider the Following Questions for Evaluating Developers

To hire dedicated React Native developers having good command over React coding, cross-platform development skills, domain niche, and native development expertise, you need to handle the interview professionally. Conducting rigorous interviews to evaluate their experience and project exposure is something you need to prioritize.  


Technical questions should focus on the hands-on project experience and real-life knowledge of shaping a React Native app. In this respect, you should also look for higher confidence in developers and check whether they can investigate the problems. Moreover, you should also check how far they remain updated with the latest React features, tools, and development trends. Always ask a couple of questions about the activities on developer community platforms. All these will give you a pretty expressive idea of their credibility, skills, and experience. 


On the second layer, you must try to evaluate their problem-solving skills in app projects and know how they approach a problem and find a solution in case of a real-life app project similar to yours. It would help if you also asked about the shortcomings and bottlenecks they frequently experience while using React Native for their projects and how they address them for the best outcomes. 


Last but not least, you should also have a soft quality assessment session that covers their personality traits, work attitude, ethics, communication skills, exposure to project collaboration best practices, cultural and linguistic barriers, etc. While these attributes cannot be expected to be perfect, at least a few should be for a React Native app developer. 


Summing It Up


In conclusion, we advise you to put pricing and cost behind all other key considerations. Pricing and cost should only come when you have come out of other considerations and need to choose among the equals. 


Since React Native is tremendously popular all over the globe and you can always come across hundreds of great development companies in every part of the globe who are into React Native development, finding the right team within your budget won’t be difficult if you adhere to the above principles.